Café Style

If you prefer the chic continental look, Café Style will be your choice.

They are a more decorative than practical feature, providing Immediate privacy from the pavement, but giving constant light above.

Café Style shutters are less insulating than some other shutter styles.

Full Height

The Most Popular option for our customers. Full Height Panels will Cover the whole window and will give you the ultimate insulation.

We like to keep our Shutter profiles in line with their windows as it Provides a uniformed look from the outside. In some cases a mid Rail can be incorporated where you can independently open the Top louvres to the bottom, ideal if your home is next to a pavement. Great for insulation, reducing noise and provides ultimate privacy.

The Full Height Shutter is suitable for almost all windows offering flexibility.

Tier on Tier

Essentially Tier on Tier are two sets of panels sat on tope of the other And can operate completely independently. Tier on Tier are very versatile, providing the ultimate feature for Privacy and light control.

They can look overly fussy at a window and would be your choice for A practical point of view rather than decorative. As you can see in this bathroom feature, it works well due to the Restriction of the tap.

Tracked Shutters

Usually Shutters are fitted with a four piece frame, and rather than this The tracked option provides a bifold effect. These are perfect for large Patio doors as they can be pinned back to one side providing you with uninterrupted views.

These can also be used for much larger windows or have a multi – Purpose use such as room dividers, or why not try them for Wardrobe doors?

Solid Shutters

This style of Shutter is highly desirable for period homes and they are perfect for the quaint and picturesque cottage.

They are extremely insulating, however they are not as flexible as the louvres, they must either be open or closed.

Solid shutters are ideally suited for bedrooms and draughty period properties.

Shaped Shutters

All Shutters are bespoke, but sometimes we have unusual shaped or awkward windows which also require some degree of privacy.

Shutters can enhance the look of a shaped window by far providing a clean line and a more practical purpose than curtains or blinds.

Shaped Shutters can be expensive as they can only be made from hardwood.

Louvre sizes

Louvres are available in a five different measurements : 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114 mm. Please consider the size of your window dimension, a larger louvre may not work with a small window and vice versa.

We aim to achieve the best possible look inside and out so we encourage customers to recognise the same style and size louvre should be uniformed to each elevation of the house. This will look aesthetically more pleasing to those who view from both inside and out.

The 76mm louvre is fast becoming the customers choice as we find it works very well for almost every size window.

Tilt options

Love them or hate them, customers are divided in their opinions. Some say the Tilt Rod makes the Shutter distinctive, others prefer the clean lines with no visible tilt rod.

Easy Tilt is extremely simple to manoeuvre by lifting one of the louvres with your finger tips the rest will follow suit. The Easy Tilt option is the easiest to clean to.

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